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The R.T.B. Enterprises, Inc. corporation owns and operates over 12 websites. Occasionally, one of these websites makes an offer we feel should be open to any of our company members and visitor.


Our site: Marketing-Products.net just opened an offer to provide, absolutely free, over 355Mb of assets to everyone registered on the website. All you have to do to get the download is register and confirm your registration.


In addition to the first download mentioned above, you will receive a new download every month for one (1) whole year!

So, what is in the download???

These are assets you can use in video production, on websites, in posters/stationary/art work…anything you can imagine. No more searching the web to find Animated Mascots, Animated Backgrounds, Images, Icons, Stickmen, PowerPoint Templates, Hand-Drawn SVG Files, etc.

Now you can start your own Library on your own computer and have these assets to hand and readily available. Build your library over the year of receiving them free.

And…These are NOT assets to be found everywhere…You get a Personal Use License for all of the assets you download…and…if you want, you can upgrade your license, if you wish at very reasonable prices.

The downloads have been made simple and available to everyone…there is a single download file for those on broadband connections…and…there are separate files available for those on slower, dial-up connections…Take the modules you want and leave the rest…or…take them all and delete those you do not need!


Use the link below to have a look or just go ahead and register!!!…All you need is space on your hard-drive.

Use This Link To Register Or Just Have A Look


All The Best!

Ron Terre, CEO


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I can safely say that WWW is probably one of the most incredible 3 letters that most people will ever experience in their lifetime and yet if your anything like I was I can also honestly say that they can also be the most frustrating 3 letters you can experience in your lifetime.

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That is exactly what it means! All you have to do is get creating your awesome website just like all the BIG Gurus have out there and get started.

Creating a website is not that hard at all, it is actually really quite easy. You just have to get yourself a domain name, register it, get hosting to host the domain, change the DNS settings so it can be seen, and then just start building it.

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