ABV Affiliate Blogging Videos Reseller Kit


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Affiliate Blogging Videos Reseller Kit

Congratulations…You have just completed the Affiliate Blogging Course. You should now have all of the videos saved to your video library. You will be able to review them at your liesure and study them further at any time. If you missed downloading any of the videos in this series, simply return to the lesson where you missed the download and get it at the bottom of the lesson page.

This series is available for viewing and download to Paid Members ONLY. Free Members have no access to these special lessons, because we purchased the product and our license terms do not allow us to share it with Free Members. The entire course normally sells for $99.00 and resale rights for an additional $127.00. We sometimes purchase quality products with a view to saving our members money. Our license allows us to share the Master Resale Rights with our members, but does not allow us to provide it free of charge. So here is your deal of the day…

You may purchase the Master Resale Rights to the Affiliate Blogging Course for the incredibly low price of just $7.95, which means that you can resell it on your own website and keep 100% of the profits!

What you can do:

[YES] Resell this product by itself at a reasonable price
[YES] Include this product as a bonus for other PAID packages
[YES] Include this product on your PAID membership site
[YES] Re-write the sales copy partly or entirely
[YES] Include your own testimonials and bonuses

What you get:

  • Index Sales Page ready for upload
  • Thank you Page
  • All images
  • Sales page
  • 5 Bonus products you can give away to your customers/members

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