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From Our Sister Website

The R.T.B. Enterprises, Inc. corporation owns and operates over 12 websites. Occasionally, one of these websites makes an offer we feel should be open to any of our company members and visitor.


Our site: Marketing-Products.net just opened an offer to provide, absolutely free, over 355Mb of assets to everyone registered on the website. All you have to do to get the download is register and confirm your registration.


In addition to the first download mentioned above, you will receive a new download every month for one (1) whole year!

So, what is in the download???

These are assets you can use in video production, on websites, in posters/stationary/art work…anything you can imagine. No more searching the web to find Animated Mascots, Animated Backgrounds, Images, Icons, Stickmen, PowerPoint Templates, Hand-Drawn SVG Files, etc.

Now you can start your own Library on your own computer and have these assets to hand and readily available. Build your library over the year of receiving them free.

And…These are NOT assets to be found everywhere…You get a Personal Use License for all of the assets you download…and…if you want, you can upgrade your license, if you wish at very reasonable prices.

The downloads have been made simple and available to everyone…there is a single download file for those on broadband connections…and…there are separate files available for those on slower, dial-up connections…Take the modules you want and leave the rest…or…take them all and delete those you do not need!


Use the link below to have a look or just go ahead and register!!!…All you need is space on your hard-drive.

Use This Link To Register Or Just Have A Look


All The Best!

Ron Terre, CEO


New Video Training Series Posted

Affiliate Blogging Course

Today we posted a new video training course which consists of 12 training modules. The course is names Affiliate Blogging Course, but is only available to paid members. This is because the product producers will not allow it to be provided free and therefore can only be posted for Paid Members. 

The course will provide you everything you need to know to be successful in the Affiliate Marketing Arena. The course normally sells for up to $127.00 with Master Resale Rights provided at an additional price. The entire course is now available to our Paid Membership and MRR can be purchased at a Cheap, Cheap price after completing the course. 

Paid members should have a look at their earliest convenience!

All The Best!

Ron Terre, CEO
R.T.B. Enterprises, Inc.

One Stop Learning Center

Favorite New Video Lessons Available Now!

New Video Lessons Posted and Available

 Video Reel Image

We have now completed our first postings for Free and Paid Members. You will find 36 video lessons available and we will be adding at least seven new lessons weekly from this point forward. 

Remember: If there are any special topics you want covered, please leave a message using out helpdesk ticket service found in out lower right sidebar area. We will do our best to include your suggestions in out production schedule.

Should any member need immediate assistance use our helpdesk ticket service to request that help. Helpdesk requests are normally responded to within 24 hours of submission – sometime quicker.

We are here to assist our members when help is required.

All the best…

Ron Terre

Favorite Welcome To The One Stop Learning Center

We take this opportunity to welcome you to the One Stop Learning Center.

Here you will have the chance to learn many different things about using your computer effectively, gaining knowledge in computer skills, Internet marketing and useful tasks to assist in your everyday lifestyle. Unlike many similar sites available today on the Internet, instead of textbook instructions which are difficult, if not impossible to follow, our instructors will teach you through the use of video lessons. This method of teaching will allow you to look over the shoulder of our instructors as they perform and outline the various steps involved in the completion of a task. This method will insure your understanding of how to get the job done!

Our webmaster is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer with over 25 years of experience. Our staff is eminently qualified to provide you this training and will be constantly available at our HelpDesk in the event you need additional assistance in performing any task. Our live help facility is open daily to provide assistance when required. We have also set-up a forum on the website to allow each visitor to get additional assistance from peers. We encourage you to join this forum and assist other students who may have trouble with any lessons.

This site is being developed for the public at large in the hope it will be able to provide a much-needed service. We have operated several teaching sites over the years and have assisted many hundreds of people by providing answers to their “how to” questions through text only email messages and eBooks. In some cases it has taken many email exchanges to provide a proper understanding of “how to” complete a task. We have developed our video lessons in the hope of getting the instruction understood the first time!

Sure, there are similar type instructions available on YouTube and other video sites spread around the Internet. However, the One Stop Learning Center endeavours to place these instructions in one place so students will not have to constantly search through the search engines to find means of accomplishing tasks or getting one-on-one instructions from qualified instructors when needed. Use the menu above or Click Here to view a sample lesson.

Membership to our site is free of charge. However, to avail of our instructors time and efforts requires visitors to become members of our society. To join us at the One Stop Learning Center is easy. In the menu just under our logo at the top of this page is an item called “Register”. Click on that item to see our registration criteria. Pick the plan that best suits you and click on the “Sign Up” button. Complete your details and submit your registration.

After you register you may wish to sign-up for our newsletter. You will find the subscription form near the top of our right sidebar. Our newsletter is published monthly and provides news of upcoming events, new video lessons and new products available.

We wish you a pleasant stay with us and anticipate that you will enjoy our service as much as we enjoy having you as a member!

All The Best!

Ron Terre

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