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We produce or purchase all training videos so you don’t have to spend your

1. You say a free Lifetime Membership, how does that work?

Answer:  If a member signs up for a free account, they are provided the same benefits of the “Paid Membership” for the first 7 days. Thereafter, their account is restricted to the benefits provided to “Free Members”. In essence we downgrade your account to a “Free Member” status after 7 days of your registration and it remains as such until you upgrade to a “Paid Membership” again. In consequence, you remain a “Free Member” until such time as you close your membership – your lifetime!

2. What if I have “Paid Membership” account and miss a payment…Is my account then deleted?

Answer:  No! Your account is then downgraded to the benefits provided to “Free Members”. You remain a member for life unless you opt-out of your membership.

3. Can I upgrade to “Paid Membership” again later.

Answer:  Yes. We have thought through the process and realize their are times money is tight, or you are taking a break, or for whatever reason you have no need for instruction in a particular month. That being the case you should not be charged a monthly fees for a service you will not use for the month. We have therefor decided, in fairness, you should not have to pay a monthly fee for a service you will not use that month. So, your account is downgraded to that of “Free Member” and you may again upgrade it as your needs expand again.

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4. If I understand your policy, I can sign on as a “Free Member” and get all of the benefits provided to this group, upgrade at any time I choose and get “Paid member” benefits for 1 month, then miss a payment for that service, continue “Free Member” benefits and upgrade again as my needs determine..Is that a correct understanding?

Answer:  Yes. Why should you be charged a fee for what you do not need. We feel that is fair?

5. Let me see if I have this right. I can sign on as a free member and get a lifetime account…then upgrade as my needs for instruction dictate…then miss a payment for the upgraded account, return to a free member status – no payment required, yet upgrade again when I need more instruction or help?

Answer:  That is correct.

6. Will I be able to download videos as a “Free Member”?

Answer:  No. Downloading of our lessons and starting your own video library is reserved for “Paid Members” only. As a “Free Member” you can only view videos while on-line (connected to the Internet).

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7. As a “Paid Member” will I have full access to the site and its benefits?

Answer: Yes. “Paid Members” have full and complete access to everything on the website.

8. So, what are the benefits of “Paid Membership”?

Answer:  Free Members can only watch lessons while directly on-line, yet paid members can download lessons to review later or start their own video libraries. Some lessons are NOT available to free members, they must upgrade to view the lessons. This is due to either the cost of producing the lesson or lesson series or the restrictions imposed by video producers when we purchase the lessons. We invest by purchasing or creating video lessons so you do not have to! Additionally, “Paid Members” can download premium products at no cost while “Free Members” only receive minimal free products for download and must pay for premium product downloads. The best status is that of “Paid Member”, but we realize not everyone needs instruction all the time, so we make it possible for our members to decide if and when they require instruction. Remember also, “Paid Members” can get help and/or assistance 24/7/365 through Live Help or email, while “Free Members” are restricted to forum help and email only.

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9. When membership grows will the monthly cost of “Paid Membership” increase?

Answer:  No, not to prior members. Understand, we have a great, but limited amount of staff available to provide the intended services to our membership. That limits our ability to properly be available to all of our members. Should we find that availability to become overtaxed, we might have to increase monthly fees to new members, but existing members will always be afforded their entry price levels. Increases in monthly fees will Not effect existing members.

10. Will “Free Membership” always be available?

Answer:  We can NOT promise this over the long-hall. For the present (1/1/2014) it is available. However, as it is our intention to ensure our membership the best service available on the Internet, should we find our abilities overtaxed, we reserve the option to refuse new “Free Membership” status. This will not apply to existing members who retain the ability to move their accounts through the membership phases describes in prior answers.

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11. I have registered as a member…Why is it that when I try and access the site I am taken to a wordpress members page instead of to the website, and how do I avoid this happening?

Answer: We use both cookies and IP address to register and track your use of the website. If you have cookies disabled or try to access the website from a computer that uses a different IP address than when you registered (such a from a friend’s computer) our tracking software will not be able to verify you as a member. The way around this is to access the site from your own computer or enable cookies on your PC. However, should this happen, after reaching your wordepress membership page, simply open a new browser tab and access the website from that page. You should then reach the membership site itself in the new tab.

12. I note that Live Chat is not always available and seems to always be offline. Why?

Answer: Our main office and staff is located in Bulgaria. That is GMT+3 (or stated another way 7 hours ahead of New York and 2 hours ahead of England). Our stated hours of operation are from 7am to 9pm local time (weekdays). Live Chat is only available during our operating hours. However, you have the ability to leave us a message on Live Chat (when closed), use the forum, or email us directly with a question or problem. Our staff checks these facilities each morning upon arrival. Consequently, answers are generally no more than 24 to 48 hours away. Additionally, our webmaster can be contacted over Skype or a message left on weekends for any problems. Contact info: “lastdrifter”.

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13. In trying to access some of the lessons on the website I get a message “Only available to Paid Members. Why?

Answer: We have a cut-off amount of funds available for production or purchase of lessons for our members. If these costs exceed our cut-off amount the lesson(s) are then limited for viewing to paid members only. Additionally, some producers limit our ability to provide their products to “free members” by restricting their license requirements. In either of these cases we are forced to limit the respective lessons to paid members only.

14. There are some paid member only lessons I want to participate in viewing. Unfortunately I am on a fixed budget and can not see the benefit of overall paid membership. Is there a means of viewing these lessons without paid membership on a monthly basis?

Answer: Yes…there are 2 different methods. First, each lesson for paid members only (which are mainly courses) offers you the ability to purchase the complete lesson outright with or without associated RR, MRR or PLR rights. You will note we do NOT recommend this process, but make it available. The second and more beneficial method for our members is to upgrade for one month, then let your paid membership lapse (you can upgrade again when needed). In this event your account is NOT deleted, but simply returned to a “Free Member” status. Most other membership sites simply delete your account when membership payment is not received in a timely manner. We do NOT believe this is the right way forward. When you register at our site it is anticipated you will remain a member for your lifetime. Therefore, in order for your account to be deleted completely you must request us to close your account instead of downgrading it.

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15. I have left a comment and note it is not posted. Why?

Answer: We require that all comments be reviewed by a moderator prior to them being posted on the website. Comments are reviewed twice weekly and approved comments posted. Understand, we disapprove instantly any comment that contains a link within it or comments that do not pertain to the subject matter of the page or contain profanity within them. A comment, good or bad, should pertain to what is offered on the page, including the video, and should not offer links to other materials or websites that are not the subject of the page. Our pages are NOT for the purpose of advertising your website or another or for products other than those offered on our website. Members can use the forum signature for such matters. Should any member believe their comment would be valuable to other members, the forum would be the place to put the comment or they can apply to purchase advertising space on our pages. Simply send your request with all details to: admin@onestoplearningcenter.com.

16. I am a video producer and currently have a library of available videos. Do you purchase for use on your website, and who would I contact about selling you my offerings? I think your members would benefit from what I have to offer.

Answer: Yes, we do purchase videos under strict guidelines. Please contact: purchasing@onestoplearningcenter.com with your proposal, list of available videos, price, licensing criteria, etc. They will review your proposal and get back to you. (Please note: a review copy of any offered videos will be required).

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17. I operate a similar video teaching website. I note your videos are well produced and would be valuable to my membership. Do you offer to sell any of your videos so that I can make them available to my membership or do I have to instruct my members to sign-up to your website?

Answer: Our website is open to anyone who wishes to join. Most of our video lessons are available for sale. Paid Members get to download any lesson for their personal use. Most also come with an offer to purchase RR, MRR and/or PLR rights as an addition to any download. You therefore have the ability to purchase a lesson outright, but it is much cheaper to upgrade to Paid Membership, download the video and purchase the available rights. Our site is developed for marketers and the general public and our staff is devoted to assisting any member to start and develop their own profitable web presence.

18. Your website seems to cover numerous Internet Marketing and Computer Skills tutorials. Some topics, such as video production seem to be limited. Are other subjects planned to be included in instructions and if I have a particular need for special instruction on a particular topic can I request you offer instructions in that area?

Answer: Yes! Our website is devoted to providing instructions in a wide variety of subjects in the Computer Skills and Internet Marketing niches. We now have several hundreds of videos ready to be placed on the site. Pages are being developed currently by staff to get these products online as I write this response. For the present, if you require special instruction on a topic you may contact our online chat or post your request in the forum area. Our webmaster is also available on Skype (lastdrifter) to assist with any special requests. In fact, he just assisted a free member needing help with writing an sql statement within a Microsoft Access Database program. Our staff is varied and are experts in many different phases of Internet Marketing and Computer Skills. We will most likely have one of our staff that will be expert in an area of your need to provide you assistance. Remember, however, our live chat is only available to “Paid Members”.

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Feel free to present any questions you may have!

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