RonTerre Image My name is Ron Terre. A big hello to everyone!

 Many of you know me already, but for those who don’t,
 here’s my 
short story:

  I am the last remaining ‘original’ member of a band known as “The Drifters“.  

I spent over 50 years in show business travelling the world and meeting people. Hopefully I provided them with some pleasure during those times. Since I had plenty of free time (we seldom worked more than a few months a year), I got interested in computers and Internet Marketing, which brings me to these pages.

I am a self-taught computer programmer, Internet Marketer and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. I have been successfully engaged in these activities for over 25 years. You can see some of my other sites (listed below) when you get time. You should note in your review that many materials, whether physical or informational, are offered free – that is – at no cost. I spend a considerable amount of my time searching-out free items, heavily discounted items and great bargains. My many different websites have been developed to pass on these findings to interested persons like yourself.

In the growing advent of the Internet these days and the overpowering requirements of technical and informed knowledge to get things completed properly, I created this website to pass on information to those persons interested in keeping up with the correct way to get things accomplished. I have recruited several Internet professionals to assist me with this project. We are all available to our members to provide assistance when and where required.

Over the years we have helped many hundreds of people come to grips with the proper way to get websites built, maintained and administered. Most past endeavours of teaching were through written manuscripts or books, but with the advent of freely available video technology I decided to lessen the burden on students having to spend hour reading and trying to understand the written words. We created this website – which is video based – and allows our members to look over our shoulder as we complete tasks. This avoids misunderstanding and enhances learning time elements.

Just pause the video and repeat what you just witnessed to get a job finished in record time. You can start the video again after finishing each element taught. As an end result you should get the job done properly and quickly. 

Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE so that any new information will be quickly passed on to you. I sincerely hope you enjoy this website and, as always, remain open to your suggestions for improvement. Additionally, should you need any help or assistance in your endeavours, feel free to email me directly or check with our HelpDesk. You can also, just drop me a note to say hello. I always enjoy hearing from my friends and followers.

Other Sites:

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Company Information:

Site Owner: Ron Terre
Company Name: R.T.B. Enterprises, Inc.
Address: Street 5, House 1, Paskalevets, Bulgaria 5224
Phone: +359 87 787 1492

All The Best!

Ron Terre


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